Gruppo Trombini invites customers to participate in a programme designed to satisfy the final consumer. After studying and identifying the needs of buyers, Gruppo Trombini is concentrating on two important themes: ecology and aesthetics


  • The produced panels are branded “CuoreVerde”, synonymous with the ecological philosophy at the foundation of the company’s organization.

    The CuoreVerde ecological panel is an industrial product made from recovered timber, thus avoiding deforestation.


    The recycling process consists in a careful control of the incoming timber and the elimination of the impurities that are at the same time recycled or eliminated, in accordance with existing laws.

    Respect for nature 
    The products contain low levels of formaldehyde and the working process highly respects the current environmental regulations.
    Certified quality system
    The CuoreVerde eco-panel is produced by companies with certified quality management system UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

  • Electrofilter to control pollutant emissions into the atmosphere 

To reduce the polluted emissions in the atmosphere, an electro has been operating in the Falco plant since October 2007. The plant, representing the best technology available on the market, was supplied by Scheuch, an Austrian company leader in the world for the production of air purification systems.
Within a precautionary environment plan, the electro filter is one of the numerous investments implemented in the four establishments of the Group, located in the north and central Italy.

The ecological predilection of the Group consists in a steady contact with the authorities and the control agencies of each establishment, to analyse the local conditions and to operate within the law with respect for the communities surrounding the plants.


Gruppo Trombini invests in the research and development of decorations in order to offer greater choice to it’s customers. With an even larger team of technicians and experts, the aim is to establish a “total partnership” with the client.
The participation to several events along with the collaboration with renowned architectural studios fall within the Company’s mission concerning the dialogue, discussion and experimentation with the world of Architects and Designers, and confirms the strong commitment of the Group to invest in research and innovation for new applications of its product.

New proposals, new colours and customized decorations with the aim to create quality furniture, practical and harmonious for the modern home.



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